"Rumoured to be one of the wealthiest Trading Organizations around, The Trader's Initiative make their coin by having the knowledge, power and resources to Trade, Craft or simply obtain almost everything and anything you could wish for."

The Trader's Initiative: Anything and Everything... for a price.

The Initiative is known for being able trade, sell or percure anything and everything you could wish for.. within reason of course. How are we able to sell such a diverse range I hear you ask? Simple. The Initiative is designed around its members, and in doing so have one of the most extensive networks of connections known to Azeroth.

The Initiative is filled with men and women of all backgrounds and with different sets of skills, all working together to bring the best of each other to the public. We ensure the products we sell to the public are always the best in quality and on top of that we make sure our customers get their orders in the shortest amount of time possible without risking the quality of our service. After you buy a product from us and see for yourself that there is no one who offers these services and products like we do, we assure you, you’ll come back to us for more.