Our Activities

From Stormwind...

Located and based in the heart of Stormwind City, the Trader’s Initiative Store can be found in the ideal and central location of the Cathedral District! The Trader’s shop has the reputation and prestige of having everything and anything, at a quality that is hard to rival!

Used as our hub, those looking for that new sword, or those looking to set up a large business deal, can find us here, where they can request to speak with a Trader, Crafter or Coordinator, to set up new business, requisition a unique ware, talk about a custom design... Or perhaps even hire the Initiative to hunt down an elusive artifact or ingredient!

... To markets of all Azeroth

One of our many sources of income, come from the variety of markets and large events that are hosted across the far reaches of Azeroth! Appearing in the easily spotted black and gold, the Initiative takes pride in offering a unique and varied display, happy to cater to any and all customers regardless of race or creed.

It is at these fabulous markets, that the Initiative truly shines, able to not only sell their promised list of wares, but able to reach out, make and maintain connections and make a considerable amount of coin doing it.

If we don't have it, we'll get it

As merchants, most would think we linger to the safety of the cities, making coin from our well secured supply and production lines. However, this could not be further from the truth! With the huge variety of requests coming to our door everyday, we pride ourselves on having our specialists as well as the rest of the company go out and find the next big thing.

From hunting down rare artifacts, to simply following a lead that promises nothing but gold, we are keen travellers! Not simply traders, but a coalition of like-minded individuals who all share the same drive for profit, reputation, and excitement.

Rest assured, if we don’t have it, we will get it.

Caring about our employees

As much as we love making coin, we know you need to spend it to make it. Our employees are all welcome to take advantage of the many benefits they’d struggle to come by if they were working alone. All Initiative members are entitled to security from our dedicated security team when it comes to matters relating to their craft, trade or investigation for the company. Members also have access to free materials and ingredients for their plans and designs, as well as access to utilities that otherwise might be impossible for a normal person to come by.

Lastly, we know that a happy employee is a productive employee, which is why we pride ourselves on paying a significantly higher rate of pay than most organizations, in salary, bonuses and if it ever comes to it, hazard pay!

Being a company filled with a variety of personalities, it’s only right that we spend our down time enjoying the fruits of our labour.

The Initiative are known for their partying, games and wandering mischief-... Usually led by one or two individuals, we ensure that among the busier periods, our team is rewarded sufficiently!