Under the Stars

Night Market & Auction

Second Edition

Join the Trader's Initiative for a night of opportunity!

Located in the safe and neutral location of Gadgetzan, join us ‘Under the Stars’, for a night of trading, drinking and entertainment!

The Welcome Speech: 8pm!

Come one, come all.. to another night 'Under the Stars'. We begin with a simple welcome to the night, before leading into a night of profit, alcohol and entertainment!

The Night Market: Starting at 8:10pm!

The night market shall be open, featuring of course the Trader’s Initiative and their many, many wares. All Trader’s, Crafter’s and even just those looking to advertise their company are welcome to join, shout, and sell to their heart's content. Due to its more.. secluded location, the market brings promise of a variety of wares, allowing for the more.. curious of buyer. Contact Alexi Moretti to be featured in the ‘those to look out for’.

The Bar: 8:10pm - Onwards

No good evening would be without its bar! Get drunk and be merry, while you sample the wide selection of drinks from the far reaches of the world.

The Auction: 9:00pm

Back by popular demand will be the Initiative’s Auction! Featuring many exotic, unique and questionable wares. Make sure your pockets are lined for what's sure to be a fabulous yet expensive evening…

The Dazzling Wand Tournament: 10pm

Spent all your coin at the market, or perhaps simply out to test your skills? Then sign up for the Dazzling Wand Tournament featured throughout the evening! Winner takes all, coin to be won! Wands not your style? The why not set a bet instead?

(OOC: To take part in this game, you are going to need to get yourself the Dazzling Rod toy from Draenor! You will also need to SIGN-UP on the night by finding our game hosts within the Arena!)

The Fireworks: 12pm - The Grand Finale!

No night would be rightfully finished, without ending with a bang! Join us at midnight on the waters edge to enjoy a display of epic proportions! Bring your own fireworks if you wish to add to this truly amazing display!

OOC details


  • The aim of the night is a social one! Therefore, no PVP please! This is a neutral event.
  • This event is very much to be used as a platform for RP. Therefore, anyone who would like to host a stall, perhaps run a food stand, look after the bar or otheriwse is welcome to join! Contact Ålexì if you would like to be featured on the, 'those to look out for/not to be missed' section.
  • As both horde and alliance are able to attend, the use of Elixir of Tongues is highly recommended!
  • As well as that, as this is of course a night market, the use of Inky Black Potion is also great to add to the atmosphere.
  • Any questions, of course please send me a message either via AA, or in game: Ålexì