Join the Trader's Initiative

You can sell a comb to a murloc?

Your forging skills are envied by the most talented dwarves?

You can find treasures just by picking up mushrooms in the forest?

You sent Ragnaros back to the Firelands just by giving him a stern look?

There's a job waiting for you at the Trader's Initiative!

Looking for someone able to recruit you? Take a look at our organisation chart.


What is the purpose of the Trader's Initiative?

The Initiative is designed as your go to for all your guilds trading and personal needs. Due to the Guild's wide and diverse nature of connections, contacts and leads, they are able to provide almost any service you require. In need of a supplier for weapons? Perhaps stock for your newly opening bar? Maybe a simple one stop shop for that new suit of armour. The Initiative's purpose is to provide the link.. a way to enrich your own RP with having a spot to purchase and order all those quirky interests your character or Guild may require.

What style of RP do you do and do you work with other Guilds?

The Initiative's main focus is business. Their goal in Azeroth to make coin by providing as many services of trade, crafting, and even explortation that they can. Based in Stormwind, they run a simple shop, a place where you can come along, trade and barter for all manner of goods they have bought, or created. However, another main focus is large agreements and contracts with guilds and business' all over. They are known for travelling, offering good's and services on their Caravan's but also willing to travel to deliver the larger orders of their business partners.

How do I join the guild, and what type of characters you accept?

Joining is simple! Simply contact Alexi or Kethael icly and with a short IC interview, they will be able to bring you in. As we are a Merchant based guild, we are quite open to many styles of characters, however it of course has to make sense. The Guild is very flexible, offering many styles of RP and events. Ideal for a character who is more independant but still wanting that backing of a group.