Our Organisation


The Heads are the controlling shareholders of the Guild and Business, as well as active directors of the groups actions in commerce, politics and social appearances. They oversee all matters under control by the Initiative, holding the final say over all and any decisions leading the Guild on it’s path to success.

Alexi Moretti

(In game: Ålexì)

Kethael Starsong

(In game: Kethael)

Trade Supervisor

The Trade Supervisor will oversee all matters relating to the trade and business of the Initiative and ensures the seamless operation of the shop, trade stalls and business meetings.

Arian Pryce

(In game: Prycê)

Supplier Supervisor

These supervisors will ensure that all members of their division are contributing sufficiently, have all their required materials, and aren’t wasting company resources.

Security Supervisor

These members will be leading the security team in most situations, and all members of the initiative when in combat situations or hazardous journeys.

Ignatius Duporth

(In game: Duporth)


These members are trusted enough to speak for the company when it comes to dealing with business agreements, signing off new orders, and ensuring that the separate divisions are all cooperating and communicating clearly.

Senior Trader

A senior trader can be expected to be relied upon in regard to trade matters in the shop. They are also expected to ensure that all sales are documented and logged properly, and inform other divisions of special orders.

Senior Supplier

This promotion is given to those who stand above the rest and can be trusted to better coordinate the main group of suppliers.

Senior Security

These senior members work slightly differently from the others, with a more militaristic chain of command system in place for the security team.


The traditional role of the company. Traders are expected to ensure customer satisfaction both in the shop, at markets, and whenever representing the company. A silver tongue and good personal skills are required to advance through this division!


Be it through their own craftsmanship, adventuring, tomb raiding or shady dealings. This is the division for those who wish to go that extra mile with their talent through the company’s benefits and protection!


The security members of the Trader’s Initiative all act with the same level of professionalism and strive to keep the peace through de-escalation rather than need to enforce it. They are also expected to assist customers when required!


This is the rank given to new members of the Initiative as a trial period. Provisional members will receive less pay and misconduct won’t be tolerated as much as it might be with a full position. After a certain period, members will either be put into a division as fully fledged employees, or released from their contract with payment for the days they were employed.