Our Wares

Welcome to the Trader's Initiative Catalog. Please select a category and browse our fabulous wares:

  • HALLOW'S END SALE: Hallow's End Sale!
  • Weapons: Need a blade? An axe? A bow? This is for you.
  • Firearms: Need a gun? Take a shot at the firearms we have.
  • Ammunition: What good is a bow without arrows, or a gun without bullets?
  • Explosives: Feeling explosive? You'll have a blast here.
  • Armor: Looking for protection? Look no further.
  • Clothes: For special occasions or for everyday life.
  • Jewels & Accessories: Find the perfect item to be the most beautiful.
  • Machines: Robots and mechanical companions.
  • Magical Wares. A variety of goods with that added sparkle.
  • Enchantments: For your magical enhancement needs.
  • Potions & Mixtures: Nature at your service.
  • Food & Drinks: The most delicious sweets and alcohols of Azeroth.
  • Toys: For your children or your inner child.
  • Sundries: When it doesn't fit any category, it doesn't mean we won't sell it.

We only feature wares that can be crafted or supplied by our in house team at the Initiative, however our stocks are huge and should you be looking for something simple such as first aid kits, or otherwise, please simply ask, as our actual ware list is extensive.